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~I am a creative messymaker, dollmaker, sometimes instructor and pattern designer *Bringing Imagination to Life in Fabric*~

Welcome and thank you for visiting! Here you will find links to my one of a kind or limited edition finished dolls, handmade by me, one at a time, from my own designs. Many of my finished dolls are entirely hand stitched. I also plan to do a line of what I call Adapted Beyond Recognition which will be things made from patterns by other designers. And did I mention maybe some hand stitching or paper mache added to the mix? My *Instant Download* ePatterns are available in my SHOP link above which will take you to ETSY. Currently my time is limited, but creating is healing and good for the soul so I need to find my quiet time for gentle stitching. New designs are on the worktable. Please check back you never know what will spark my imagination next! ~Edna~


Life is an adventurous journey.  Life as we know it can change in the blink of an eye.  With time we have the ability to adjust and adapt.  If we continue to look in the rear view mirror at the past we can not move forward.  If we move forward too fast we end up not seeing what is already around us.  Slow down, spend as much time as you can in solitude, away from the daily noise, listening to your heart and breathing in the magic that exists before the world becomes busy.

Be good to yourself.  We find time for the things that are important to us so focus on the things that bring you joy and give you peace.  The decision is yours.

Photography courtesy of C. Taylor Classics.  Used with permission