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~I am a creative messymaker, dollmaker, sometimes instructor and pattern designer *Bringing Imagination to Life in Fabric*~

Welcome and thank you for visiting! Here you will find links to my one of a kind or limited edition finished dolls, handmade by me, one at a time, from my own designs. Many of my finished dolls are entirely hand stitched. I also plan to do a line of what I call Adapted Beyond Recognition which will be things made from patterns by other designers. And did I mention maybe some hand stitching or paper mache added to the mix? My *Instant Download* ePatterns are available in my SHOP link above which will take you to ETSY. Currently my time is limited, but creating is healing and good for the soul so I need to find my quiet time for gentle stitching. New designs are on the worktable. Please check back you never know what will spark my imagination next! ~Edna~

January 2022... A New Year

Here we are in a New Year!  Time, again, for new beginnings.  After several years of being absent, I hope to get back to creating my dolls later this year.  For the past thirty six years I have been sharing my life space with my husband. Since his passing over two years ago I have devoted most of my time to making my space my own.  I have been repairing, remodeling, redoing, repurposing, getting rid of stuff.  Instead of creating dolls, I have been creating the life I now want.

Life is a journey.  Look for beauty and blessings in each day.  They are there; we just have to take the time to see them.